Homeless Shelter Meal Service (2008)

To many participants, including the friends that I brought, it was the first volunteer experience and also the first exposure to this oppressed population. It was definitely the eye opening event to many of them. We all were very attentive and eager to help to serve the meal efficiently. Some of us spent sometime afterwards talking with the residents of this shelter and it taught us to appreciate the fortunes that we have(job, housing, choice, freedom etc) and the importance of sharing and helping out each other when necessary. To me, it was definitely the rewarding experience, although seeing small children living in this type of environment broke my heart.

I had been looking for a place for networking tailored to Asian American population. I met with Jason Wong at APCI coalition meeting. After hearing his presentation, I felt like this would be a good group to join for my professional and personal growth. I feel that as our populations grow, it is crucial for Asian Americans to unite together and make our presence known in the community.

I am open to any type of activities. For example, speaking of community/social service perspective, I would be interested in volunteering for children/family or oppressed women service type of programs, because in my professional life, the population that I serve is somewhat limited(the elderly, that is!). I would like to contribute to your programs as much as my schedule permits.

As I mentioned earlier, I strongly feel that by us uniting and working together, we can make a significant contribution to the community, be it cultural education, networking, community services etc. I hope that this organization grows and attracts people from diverse background so we can educate each other.


Mika Kondo is a Family Care Consultant & Cultural Outreach Specialist for Alzheimer's Association. For more information, please contact Mika at (602)528-0545 or visit the website